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Dr. Amy Bender

Sleep scientist, elite athlete and passionate speaker helping individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential in sport, performance and life.

Sleep In To Win

Despite sleep making up a third of our lives, we often struggle with the quantity and/or quality of our sleep, reducing our mental and physical performance, health and well-being.

Dr. Bender is an expert in sleep and performance who has studied and worked with Olympic athletes and professional sports teams throughout Canada and the USA.

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Last chance to vote NO against permanent #DaylightSaving time (pDST) to protect the health of Albertans. Turns out our 🧠 needs morning light to synchronize our rhythms for optimal health. pDST makes light later giving us more social jet lag.
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If you are applying to grad school, (or have trainees looking for a safe place to land), consider joining me at the Univ of Kentucky! We are curious about what goes on in the 🧠 and body during 😴 & how sleep impacts cognition, health, & well-being. @BlackInNeuro #AcademicTwitter

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